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Pre-conference tour to Piirissaare island will take place on 27th September.

We will be taking a boatride on the M/l Alfa ( from Tartu to Piirissaar, which is the largest island on the lake Peipus and located ca 15 km from the mouth of the river Emajõgi.

The island was first permanently settled during the Great Northern War (1700-1721) by a group of Orthodox Old Believers, most of the inhabitants still belong to this confession and are mostly occupied by fishing and cultivation of onions.

The island, rich in fauna, is home to different amphibian species, as well as birds and large mammals, including moose, wild boar and golden jackal.
Piirissaar is a nature protected area as part of the Natura 2000 programme.

The boat trip will start early in the morning and ends in the evening. The conference field trip is charged separately (50 EUR) and besides transportation to/from Piirissaar it includes lunch.